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Zagazig Nursing Journal is a scientific Journal produced semi-annual in English for various specialties of nursing sciences issued by the Faculty of Nursing, Zagazig University.

Current Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1, January 2024 

Effect of Massive Online Courses on Improving Nurses' Performance Regarding Infection Prevention Measures

Pages 40-60

Fatma Mohamed Abd El Hamid; Eman Hafez Ahmed; Naglaa Abd Elkareem Moghazy Basuony; Wafaa Mohamed Amer

Stress and Marital Adaptation among Menopausal Working Women

Pages 61-80

Lamiaa Mansour Yousif Ali; Salwa Abbas Ali Hassan; Asmaa Ali Elsayed Ali

Effect of Ovarian Cysts on Women Health Related Quality of Life

Pages 81-93

Asmaa Magdy Lotfy; Amina Saad Gonied; Sabah Lotfy Mohamed; Mervat Mostafa Abd el monem

Education Program on Maternity Nurses' Performance Regarding Obstetric Fistula: A Need-Based Action Plan

Pages 106-120

Hanan Morsy Salim Metwally; Mervat Mostafa AbdelMonem Desouky; Amany Abdo Hussien

Health Promoting Lifestyle Practices among Elderly Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Pages 121-132

Mona Ezzat Hewidef; Eman Shokry Abd-Allah; Maysaa Abdallah Saeed; Shimaa Badie Mahmoud

Nurses’ Role Regarding Nebulization Therapy for Patients with Mechanical Ventilation in Emergency Care Unit

Pages 133-147

Rasmia Mohamed Zaki; Nadia Mohamed Taha; Elham Hamd Mohamed Hamd; Fatma Mohamed Abdelhamid

Head Nurses’ Emotional Intelligence and its Effect on their Job Satisfaction in a Military Hospital

Pages 216-227

Eman Hamdy Mohamed Ghareeb; Hussein El-Sayed Hussein; Aisha Abo Elfotoh; Samia Mohammad Adam; Eman El Desouky Taha

Physical, Chemical and Biological Hazards among Veterinary Health Care Workers

Pages 228-242

Eslam Naseib Moussa Helal; Afaf Salah Abd Elmohsen; Doaa Mohamed Sobhy Elsayed; Nashwa Samir Abd Elaziz

Ethical Dilemmas and Perceived Risk during COVID-19 pandemic

Pages 258-271

Nora Wageeh Abd Elwahab; Sahar Hamdy El-sayed; Farida Hassona; Nora Mahdy Attia

Effect of Mastectomy on Quality of Life for Elderly Women

Pages 272-286

Basma Shamel Amin; Eman Shokry Abd Allah; Naeima Mohammed Elsayed

Nurses’ Role Regarding Care of Patients Undergoing Cardiac Catheterization

Pages 287-294

Samia Elsayed Saad; Nadia Mohamed Taha; Elham Hamad Mohammed; Magda Kamal El sheshtawy

Relation between Leadership Competencies and Innovative work Behavior of Nurses

Pages 295-313

Asmaa Kamal Ibrahim; Sahar Hamdy El-sayed; Magda Atiya Gaber; Nora Mahdy Attia